2345 Bassett Road
, Westlake, Ohio
Reverend Donald Snyder, Pastor




Welcome to St. Ladislas New Website! Thank you for your interest in our parish. This is our effort to greet visitors and provide resources and information for our parishioners, we have added interactive tools to encourage an exchange of information. We hope the information presented here can be beneficial for you. More importantly, we hope and pray that St. Ladislas Parish might be a community that supports your spiritual growth and development.

If you are interested in becoming a Catholic, or if you have questions concerning divorce and annulment, or simply if you have questions about our Faith, please contact me. Do you like what you see here on our website? Come visit us in person. I'll look forward to greeting you at the front doors of the church after Mass. Until then, may God bless you always. Father Donald E. Snyder, Pastor and the Parish Pastoral Council.

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