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Learning About the Third Edition of the Roman Missal

Upon the order of Pope John Paul II, the Third Edition of the Roman Missal was completed and published in 2002.  In November 2011 the english version of this Roman Missal will begin to be used in the United States.  To prepare for this change in the language of our Mass, many resources are available.  The US Bishops' offer a wealth of information from their website (click here to link).  Here at St Ladislas we prepared eight one page articles and they are available below.

Lesson 1 "How and Why"

Lesson 2 "The Introductory Rites"

Lesson 3 "The Gloria"

Lesson 4 "The Profession of Faith"

Lesson 5 "The Liturgy of the Eucharist"

Lesson 6 "The Eucharistic Prayer"

Lesson 7 "The Mystery of Faith"

Lesson 8 " Communion and the Concluding Rites"