2345 Bassett Road
, Westlake, Ohio
Reverend Donald Snyder, Pastor



Women and men serve as Lectors

Purpose: To proclaim the readings at St Ladislas Liturgies, recite the General Intercessions and occasionally make pre-mass announcements.

Commitment: A schedule is set up which rotates lectors and commentators on a regular basis at a Mass time of choice. Lectors serve in one or the other of these capacities approximately once every four or five weeks and are expected to find substitutes as necessary. Lectors are scheduled for special liturgies (holy days, Triduum liturgies, etc.) on a volunteer basis. Preparation for reading is done independently the week before an assigned Mass. There is a workbook published each year, which is an excellent aid.

Preparation: Lectors participate in a general liturgical orientation and join as a group 4 or 5 times a year for preparation and formation, and are expected to attend the minister’s workshop each fall. Volunteers for this ministry should be able to speak comfortably and with confidence before the assembly.

Contact Person: Mary Rezabek (440) 892-1064