2345 Bassett Road
, Westlake, Ohio
Reverend Donald Snyder, Pastor



Our Mother Mary leads children and adults to Jesus

Purpose: The RCIC (Rite of Christian Initiation of Children) is a process intended for children not baptized as infants, who have attained the use of reason and are of catechetical age. This usually translates to an age span of about seven to seventeen. However, some five and six year olds are capable of personal faith and should be welcome. In the same respect, some older teenagers might join the adult group. Some children may have been baptized in another Christian tradition. Others may have been baptized in a Catholic Church but have not been catechized.

This process invites children to experience God through Jesus within the Christian tradition and the church community. The hope is that knowing him, they will fall in love with him and begin a process that will continue throughout their lives. Because of their response to the gospel of Jesus, the children will participate in God’s continuing activity through membership in the church, Christ’s body on earth.

Preparation: It is expected that members will exhibit a solid faith foundation. Aides are presently needed to assist the Facilitator of the group.

Contact Person: Sr. Johnica D’Amico, SND (Parish Office - 835-2300)