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New Website Features

Posted by: mitch-admin Interactive User on 09/03/2011 07:53 PM

We have created this new website for the people involved and interested in St. Ladislas Parish. We have built many interactive features into this site. It was created to integrate information with computers and Smart Phones. Most pages have an e-mail button so pages can be shared between people and between computer devices.

Calendars were added for event viewing and to request meeting times / room reservation in the Parish complex. A Picture Gallery has been added so images of Parish events can be viewed. A Library of Parish Bulletins and Audio Programs can be downloaded to your computer. You can even subscribe weekly/monthly reminder and articles if you wish.

Please take a look we encourage your feedback. Share your opinion on what should be added or removed.

Added by Millie
September 3rd, 2011

Cool website! I viewed the photo gallery and the interactive ads from my i-phone usually I can't get moving objects or .swf files to view. Do they use something other than Flash for the animation?
Added by Mitch Karabinus Interactive User
September 3rd, 2011

Thanks for the comment,
This website uses applications that work on Smart phones, PDA (Personal Digital Assistants) and all the popular browser applications.
Added by John Interactive User
September 9th, 2011

I like the NEWS articles and being able to see my volunteer schedule on the calendar.
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